Saturday, 16 February 2008

The Malay Technology Museum

The Malay Technology Museum opened in 1990, a stately red- roofed building set in a landscaped garden on the banks of the Brunei River below the Brunei Museum. It was donated by the Royal Dutch Shell Group to mark Brunei Darussalam's independence.

The museum has three galleries portraying the development of handicrafts, architecture and house-building in Brunei Darussalam; fishing and boat construction in Kampong Ayer and, lastly, the life of some of the indigenous ethnic people of Brunei Darussalam. Imaginative designers have used original materials to construct mock-ups longhouses and other traditional buildings, including the palm-built homes that used to dominate Kampong Ayer. Other models show the construction of blowpipes and the processing of sago. There are exhibits of the ingenious fish traps which have been developed over the years. The techniques and processes that go into Brunei Darussalam's most famous crafts - songket cloth and brassware - are also displayed here. The museum opens daily from :900hr till 1700hr except Tuesdays, Friday 900hr to 1130hr and 1430hr to 1700hr.

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